Unprecedented Surge in San Diego Real Estate Market: What You Need to Know

The San Diego real estate market has recently experienced an unprecedented surge that has left both buyers and sellers astonished. In just one month, from December to January, the median sales price of a detached home in San Diego rose from $942,650 to $980,000, marking a staggering 3.96% increase. What makes this surge even more remarkable is that it occurred during a period that historically sees a decline in home prices. Historically, December to January is the time when home values typically decrease, presenting an opportunity for buyers to secure a “deal.” However, the recent spike in prices has defied all expectations. The last time San Diego witnessed a similar increase was in December 2021 to January 2022, when prices rose by 3.5%. This surge was followed by a dramatic 13.6% increase in home prices over the next 90 days, setting a new record high median price of $1 million in April 2022. In 2022, the rise in interest rates acted as a brake, slowing down the rapid price growth. However, unlike in 2022, where increasing interest rates curbed the escalating prices, 2024 is predicted to see a downward trend in interest rates. This anticipated decline in interest rates is expected to fuel even faster price escalations, potentially surpassing the previous record high of $1,015,000 set in August of 2023. The current trajectory suggests that if prices continue to rise at this rate, the median sales price of San Diego homes could reach well above $1.1 million this spring, surpassing the previous record. With interest rates trending downwards, it is likely that median home prices will exceed $1.1 million before the end of the year. The underlying issue driving this surge is the persistent problem of low supply relative to high demand in the San Diego housing market. This scarcity, compounded by inflation, has led to a situation where the price of housing has soared, making real estate in San Diego an attractive and secure investment. The scarcity of housing, combined with high demand, positions San Diego real estate as a wise choice for long-term investment. As we navigate through 2024, it is evident that the San Diego real estate market shows no signs of slowing down. If you have been contemplating entering the market as a buyer, now is the time to act. Delaying your decision may result in higher costs to purchase the same property. Reach out for a personal buyer consultation and let us help you devise a strategy to achieve your real estate goals.